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Instagram Analytics is a professional tool developed by SmartMetrics that lets you follow the evolution and visibility of your Instagram account in great detail.

Instagram Analytics allows you to have a complete register of the rising or descending statistics of Facebook´s popular social networking platform. This tool analyzes the size of the community and shows you how many instagrammers can see your content by at least 30 different types of dimensions.

You can really examine in detail your audience’s information such as their origin, language, gender and even if they have a private or public account. Also, you can access daily reports on your new users and the ones that stop following you.

Instagram Analytics also allows you to get full statistics covering every publication, including the percentage of users that interact with the content. Just in case all these features aren´t enough, this app includes an interesting tool that advices you on how to gain followers and recommendations on the most useful hashtags.

Trial version is free for seven days.

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